Advisory solutions

Mimir Consulting acts in an advisory capacity for management running businesses in different sectors, offering a palette of services to deliver long-lasting value.

Our varied background from various sectors allows us to quickly gain an understanding of new business models and new challenges. It has also allowed us to gain insights into sector independent «best practice» knowledge that serves your needs.

We are a small and flexible organization, which lets us arrive at solutions that are pragmatic and cost effective while fitting your needs well.

Customer focus

We always have a sole focus on your interests.

Tailored and optimal solutions to challenging business questions require an open and honest dialogue. All information obtained during these interactions is kept strictly confidential.

After coming to grasps with your particular situation we will always provide you with relevant and honest feedback. We will always tell you the truth as we see it, strictly abiding the highest ethical standards.

Origin of our company name

Nordic mythology holds Mímir up as the wisest of all the Gods. He watched over the well of wisdom and drank from this to gain his wisdom.

Odin, the Allfather, in order to gain wisdom, sacrificed one of his eyes to be allowed to drink from the well of wisdom.

Later, Mímir was beheaded during the Aesir-Vanir War and through the use of magic chants Odin preserved it.

Since then it has been counselling Odin in times of need and continues to dispense incomparable advice.

Why have we chosen this name?

We unfortunately do not have access to neither the well of wisdom nor Mímir’s head.

Instead, our client advisory business is founded on our strong team of dedicated and hard working consultants.

All of which have varied backgrounds, but possess strong analytical capabilities and superior academic achievements.

Still, our real strength stems from our collegial and collaborative environment where team, not individual, performance allows to live up to the name of Mimir when delivering value to our clients.