Senior advisor

Jan works with Mimir consulting in an advisory capacity. With his numerous years of national and international business experience he is a real asset to Mimir by providing general business advice. He also offers niche expertise in such industries such as fishing, petroleum and consulting industry. He holds BSc of Shipbuilding and marine technology from “Møre og Romsdal Engineering College”. He also holds sub-discipline from “Siviløkonom” studies from “Handelshøyskolen” in Bergen.

Jan has more than 35 years’ experience from establishing numerous companies within a variety of industries. He has founded and run a larger consulting company as well as a group involved with the processing and farming of salmon. He has also established and managed fishing projects in both near and distant waters. He has assisted banks, owners and management in restructurings, including creating new workflow processes and other production-enhancing measures. He has extensive experience as a board member and chairman of the board of both own and other companies, including listed companies. In cooperation with Innovation Norway he has acted as a mentor in several new ventures.

Through such capacities, he has gained insight into a variation of industries. He has amassed considerable expertise within the areas of strategic and business development, financial management, restructurings and transactions.

Sector experience

  • Ventures & start-ups
  • Management consulting
  • Financial and technical consulting

  • Fish processing and farming
  • Fishing industry
  • Petroleum industry