Senior Advisor

Magne is associated with Mimir consulting in an advisory capacity. He has wide industry expertise in such industries as insurance, maritime sector, oil and energy. He was educated at Harvard Business School, “Program for Management Development”. He is also “Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Marine and Aviation” and “Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.”

Magne has acquired domestic and international experience for more than 40 years. He has previously headed the oil and energy divisions in Storebrand and Norwegian Brankasse. The last ~ 20 years he has worked internationally for amongst other, the insurance giant Aon. Magne has worked in the capacity of chairman for the department of global energy. This division has grown significantly during the time Magne held this responsibility. The department’s gross premium revenues grew from USD 139 million to 1.3 billion during the period, corresponding to a global market share of ~ 30%. Through his involvement in Aon Magne has been involved in many international projects. He has amongst other consulted national governments on the structuring their sovereign wealth fund management.

Magne has acquired considerable expertise in structured reinsurance programmes; including Treaty Reinsurances, Quota Share Reinsurance and Catastrophe Protection / Excess of Loss placements.


Sector experience

  • Insurance
  • Consulting

  • Oil-related industry
  • Marine sector