Business Intelligence – get better business insights

We are living in a digitalized era when data within corporations gets generated at a faster rate than ever before. Companies are using more and more IT systems that are supposed to help them with operations as well as strategic decision-making processes. However, much of these systems are used as so-called “silos” without any interaction between them and more often than not can create a lot of confusion. Indeed, companies find it hard to combine different datasets and make full use of the data available. That is when Business Intelligence (BI)

“Know thyself” – Strategy development for businesses

The corporate strategy of smaller businesses is re-developed in the entrepreneur’s mind alone. Success in bigger organizations, on the other hand, comes from the combined efforts of many people. In order to ascertain that these people work cohesively towards the same goal comprehensive strategic plans are necessary. This involves preparing detailed action plans and entails well-developed control systems.

«Lend me an ear!» – Bank financing

Recently, media has increasingly reported of challenges experienced by small and medium enterprises (SME) to secure bank loans. Banks put the blame on increased capital demands and the macro economic climate. Irrespective of the underlying cause, access to borrowing for SMEs have lessened and the cost of debt increased during the last quarters.

«Gotta catch ‘em all» – liquidity drivers (an article on liquidity forecasting)

Lack of liquidity damages the reputation of a business, reduces its competitiveness and can ultimately trigger bankruptcy.  Yet many businesses have little or no focus on liquidity management until a situation of illiquidity arises. Management sole focus is often on controlling for and forecasting of sales and financial results, liquidity forecasting routines are typically less developed and get less attention if any.